Food as medicine against cancer

Can food be medicine against cancer? Yes, says medical research.

The everyday common superfoods against cancer are:

1.   Garlic

2.   Broccoli

3.   Tumeric

4.   Green tea

The secret to these common everyday foods is in the preparation:

1.   Garlic: Crush it and wait 10 minutes before cooking (or eating raw)

2.   Broccoli: Steam for less than 5 minutes and chew well

3.   Tumeric:

  • Add black pepper and oil to increase absorption

  • Add to scrambled eggs/toss with veggies

  • Add it to rice/ sprinkle on sautéed greens

  • Use in soup/use as a turmeric pickle of paste

  • Drink it as a turmeric latte/smoothie or tea

4.   Green tea:

  • Use the leaves (not teabags)

  • Boil the water

  • Wait 5 minutes

  • Take it on an empty stomach

It’s the method of preparation that is important in optimizing the anticancer benefits of these foods. There are many plant-based foods that are beneficial in preventing cancer and as well as helping in management.

For more information you can read the book Can food be medicine against cancer?

or watch a conference presentation on YouTube be Dr David Wilkinson who has researched the best way to prepare these anti-cancer foods for maximum effect.