Holistic health consultations

Dr Trisha Boetto, a GP in Melbourne for the past 25 years uses nutrition, natural medicine, laser acupuncture and meditation to improve health outcomes. She is committed to a patient centered holistic approach.

Trisha combines traditional medical knowledge with evidenced based complementary therapies to give you safe effective choices in your treatment. This means up-to-date information and choice in dealing with your health problem. Active patient participation is encouraged.

 Consultation times are longer than the standard GP consultations to ensure that all your concerns are dealt with in a relaxed environment.

 Initial Consultations

A longer consultation time is given to all new patients. This is usually between 30-45 mins.

A detailed questionnaire is completed and reviewed by Dr Boetto. Download from the website or arrive 10 mins before your appointment to complete this form.

Subsequent Consultations

These are usually 15-20 mins in duration. Longer times are set aside for more complex problems or for times when multiple issues need to be discussed.

Contact us to make an appointment. 

Fees: Initial Consult 45 mins $245.00 (MC rebate $108.85); review consult 30 mins $180.00 (MC rebate 73.95) Review Consult 15 mins $ 100.00 (MC rebate $38.20)