Trisha writes about health, wellbeing, nutrition, integrative medicine, and natural therapies such as meditation and acupuncture.

Trisha's writing has been commissioned by Alive Australia and other health-related publications such as Medical Observer Magazine. She has also written book reviews for the Medical Journal of Australia, the Australian Family Physician and the Integrative Medical Journal.

Published work

2013 Med J Aust 2013; 198(1):57 Book review:  General Practice - The Integrative Approach

2013 Medical Observer Magazine,  ‘A memorable real case’

2013 Alive Australia,  ‘Ask the expert –  Migraine’,  Autumn 2013

2013 Alive Australia Pharmacy, ‘Ask the expert –  Migraine’, Autumn 2013

2012 Australian Family Physician Vol 41.No.10. October 2012, Book review: ‘The sound of a wild snail eating’

2012 Alive Australia, ‘Ask the expert – Hay fever’, Spring 2012

2012 Alive Australia Pharmacy, ‘Ask the expert – Hay fever’, Spring 2012

2012 Coping with Jane (Online blogazine),  Natural Killer Cells and Infertility

2011 Journal of Integrative Medicine Vol 16 No1 – March/April 2011, Book review “A guide to evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine”

1985 Haemostasis   15:337-224 “Do malfunctioning bioprosthetic valves represent a potential thrombogenic focus?”